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32 in 1

Adventure Easter Egg

Move a dot down a corridor and your character–really just a colored square–will be able to enter a room, in which you see the words, Created by Warren Robinett.

Bachelor Party

In this game, the user controls a paddle of some kind (supposedly a bottle of Spanish fly), which sends a naked man into a room full of naked women, which he must run into in order to clear the board. As the game advances, the little naked dude starts bouncing around faster and faster, making the game more difficult. I cant imagine the game being more fun than two or three rounds.

Bachelor Party - Gigolo

Bachelorette Party - Burning Desire

Its the same exact thing as Bachelor Party, but you paddle a naked woman into a room full of naked men. This games development was an important milestone for female equality in video games. Why should horrible games only be geared towards men?

Beat Em Eat Em - Lady In Wading

Ugh. One of the most notorious pornographic games of the Atari era, this game is less funny or silly than it is just gross.
Perhaps you can tell the basic premise from the above image.

Call Of Duty Blackops II Nuketown Atari Easter Egg

Call Of Duty II Nuketown

So you’re playing the Nuketown 2025 map and you’re all, I should shoot all the heads off these mannequins within 90 seconds, right? Good idea! Head to that big TV screen in the middle of the map and play some old-school Atari 2600 Activision games.

Custers Revenge

Another notorious game of the era. In Custers Revenge, the player takes on the role of General George Custer as he dodges arrows (or perhaps bullets? Theyre a bunch of flying black lines) in order to have sex with a naked Native American woman. Many critics have derided the game as portraying rape, though the games designer emphatically defended the blocky union as mutual.


This memory-style game is the story of a woman who goes out on the town to find seven different men (er, gigalos) to score with while avoiding police and muggers. Ladies can relate to this one, right? It was a gender-switched version of a game with a male protagonist known as Cathouse Blues.

Jungle Fever - Knight On The Town

Lady In Wading

In this game, you are a buxom woman trying to cross a river fraught with demons and alligators trying to make your way to a naked prince at the other end. Its the gender-switched version of a game called Knight on the Town.

Philly Flasher - Cathouse Blues

This gender-switched version of Beat Em has nothing to do with the city of brotherly love as far as I can tell. Rather, it focuses on the bodily secretions emanating from a naked Halloween witch to some naked men below. Equally gross and just as dumb.


Based on the beloved teen sex romp, this 1983 video game adaptation from Fox Video Games was a cross between Donkey Kong and Frogger, but with the occasional showering naked lady.


No, this lame Pac-Man rip-off has nothing to do with Wolverine. In this game created by Universal Gamex, the player takes on the avatar of a naked man making his way through a maze while trying to avoid flying scissors (which presumably, would render you an ex-man, get it?). If you make it to the end of the maze, you are awarded with a badly rendered pornographic act. Congrats to you!