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Zapit-Game Wave

    Consoles:1     Art

Zapit Game Wave


Zap-it creó esta consola basada en un reproductor de DVD.
Incluye cuatro mandos, y todos los juegos, tipo trivia o puzle eran para dos o más jugadores.

4 degrees vol 1 (Trivia)
4 degrees vol 2 (Trivia)
4 degrees Bible (Trivia)
Rewind (Trivia)
Rewind 2006 (Trivia)
Rewind 2007 (Trivia)
Lock 5 (puzzle game)
Zap 21 (Blackjack & card games)
Letter Zap (Letter game)
Click! (Hangman/Wheel of Fortune type)
Gems (Columns)

 Processor Type Processor Speed Other Processor Information RAM Video RAM
Mediamatics 8611 Unknown Altera Max II CPLD 16 MB SRAM
Screen Resolution Color Palette Polygons Sprites Audio
480p, 480i, 720p, 720i, 1080i 24-bit Unknown 2 Channel D/A Full Stereo
Media Format Media Capacity Games Released Other Supported Formats
DVD 4.0 GB 13 None
Internal Storage External Removable Storage Game Controllers Other Game Peripheral Devices
2 MB NOR Flash RAM None IR Keypad Remotes None
Controller Ports Network Ports Other Ports Audio Video
Up to 6 IR remotes None None Composite, S-Video
Power Supply - Internal Other Outputs Other Details Notes
AC 120V/240V, 50-60Hz None None