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World Book

    Consoles:1     Art

World Book Tutorvision


 Lenguajes None
Teclado Twelve-button numeric keypad (0?9, Clear, and Enter) + 4 side-located action Pulsadores (two of which are electronicaly the same) + 16-directions Controlador disk
CPU General Instrument CP1610
Velocidad 895 KHz
RAM 1352 bytes
ROM 7168 bytes
Modo gráfico 160 x 196
Colores 16 color palette
Sonido General Instrument AY-3-8914 (3 channels Sonido + 1 noise generator)
Puertos de entrada/salida Cartridge slot, video ouput (RF or RGB depending versions), Alimentacion in
Almacenamiento interno Cartridge
OS 16 dedicated cartridges were to be released for the Tutor Vision
The Tutor Vision is also compatible with all Intellivision cartridges
Fuente de alimentación Fuente de alimentación built-in
uP 8231