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Antipiracy Code Sheet Antipiracy Code Wheel Antipiracy Copy-Protected Storage Antipiracy Dongle Antipiracy Feelies Antipiracy Rare System Antipiracy Software Cracktro Device Backup Download Warez Flash Cartridge Mod-chip Multi Cartridge Nibbler Backup Software Backup Warez Group


Video game piracy, a form of copyright infringement, is the unauthorized copying and distributing of video game software.

 * Antipiracy software
may be by modifing load system

* Antipiracy Dongle
a software protection dongle (commonly known as a dongle or key) is an electronic copy protection and content protection device. When connected to a computer or other electronics, they unlock software functionality or decode content

* Antipiracy Code Sheet
the game ask for a code, usually on a sheet, photocopy unalowed, manual, ...

* Antipiracy Feelies
Rather than a simple code sheet, the game include materials about the game necessaries for finish the game.

* Antipiracy Code Wheel
a code wheel is a type of copy protection used on older computer games. This system was popular because it allowed the actual media to be backed up and replaced freely while retaining security, but with the increased availability of photocopiers, those wishing to distribute the games simply started copying their manuals as well to defeat the measure

* Antipiracy Copy-Protected Data Storage
usually due to modified data-structure (bad sectors, non standar drive,...)

* Anti Piracy Rare Systems
not widely used methods.

* Software Backup
software that allows make copy of protected games

* Device Backup
device that allow make copy of protected games

* Mod-chip
(short for modification chip) is a small electronic device used to alter or disable artificial restrictions of computers or entertainment devices. Modchips are mainly used in video game consoles, but also in some DVD or Blu-ray players.

* Flash cartridge
is one of several cartridges containing flash memory that have been developed for use in video game consoles. These cartridges enable homebrew applications and games to be used.

* Multi cartridge
cartridge with a lot of pirated games within.

* Nibbler Backup
a bit nibbler, is a computer software program designed to copy data from a floppy disk one bit at a time. It functions at a very low level directly interacting with the disk drive hardware to override a copy protection scheme that the floppy disks data may be stored in.

* Cracktro
Small introduction sequence added to cracked software. It aims to inform the user which cracking crew or individual cracker removed the softwares copy protection and distributed the crack. Such intros grew very complex, sometimes exceeding the size and complexity of the software itself. This practice evolved into the demoscene.

* Warez Group
A warez group is a tightly organised group of people involved in creating and/or distributing warez such as movies, music or software (warez) in The Scene.
Groups often compete, as being the first to bring out a new quality release can bring status and respect – a type of vanity contest. The warez groups care about the image others have of them.
Warez groups typically add NFO files with their releases. Due to the nature of the scene, not much is known about these groups. Most groups follow one of the different warez standards to prevent being nuked.